General Services

Midnight Records Productions provides recording services for all musical styles and genres. Most any group or project from choral groups, acoustic groups, electric bands, electronic and experimental musicians/composers, to solo artists and singers/songwriters can be accommodated. Unlimited track count is available.

The studio is completely outfitted with acoustic, electric and electronic instruments, microphones, amplifiers, effects processors, monitors, headphones, stands, speakers, lighting, etc. Please refer to the full list of studio equipment for more details.

Video / DVD

Videotaping and DVD production are available on demand and packaged with recording and duplication services. Pricing will be negotiated on an individual basis.


Non-profit recording services start at $25 per hour. Please contact us for an appointment to discuss your project. We are ready to help you achieve your musical goals.


Midnight Records Productions is now offering custom beats for area Hip Hop artists and rappers. Contact Kent at for more information.